Decorating The Small Places

It’s imperative trying not to judge people’s places by their size. Dimensions become just a bunch of numeric data when the power of the smart design takes the wheel.

Nobody has the ability to work their magic and enlarge the space, but surely there are a couple of design tricks that could help us visually change the whole area and make it appear fuller in people’s eyes. There is no doubt that one of those visual magicians is the area rug. It is practical, compact, easy for maintenance, vibrant and mobile. You could practically put it anywhere in your home, and the change would be catching people’s attention instantly.

The Perfect Sizing

Trying to find the perfect rug size can often be a tricky situation. It’s essential to choose the right size for the room that you’re redecorating, in order to improve the harmony of the space. Most people tend to choose smaller area rugs for small spaces, but guess what? It is the most common mistake that one could ever make.

Choosing a small rug for spaces that already have minimum dimensions could only just make the lack of width more prominent than it really is. The right rug size for every place depends only on the positioning of the furniture – nothing more, or nothing less. Designers often suggest that no matter what the dimensions of the room are, the rug should be large enough so the main furniture pieces – especially the ones that we would like to accentuate – could be placed on top of it.

Color Me In!

The perfect color for visually enlarging a small room would be something light and bright at the same time. 

Using darker shades of rugs for smaller places can cause contra-effects in the final visual effect of the whole space. Dark tones tend to reduce the area, and when we stay in a room full of darker décor, we often have a suffocating feeling. To emphasize the width of the space, designers always recommend using bright colors, especially pastels

Shapes, Textures, Patterns

Small places that have monochromatic decoration often look empty or dull. Using specific colors won’t solve the lack of width issue though. An area requires something that would improve the motion and the vibrancy of the whole place. This design-issue can be easily solved by implementing rugs that have various textures or patterns as well. Patterned or textured rugs can enrich the space with more warmth and comfort. Surely, one would feel cozier staying in colorful places, decorated with patterns.

The décor plays a crucial role in the finishing touches of a chosen room for redecoration. 

In order to emphasize the quality of a particular space, implementing patterned and correctly sized rugs in bright and vibrant colors would be a perfect starting point in achieving the final effect of a visually broader and more extensive space.

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